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 What is Socom??

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PostSubject: What is Socom??   Mon Nov 16, 2009 9:49 pm


We'll basically your a seal that completes missions(Only do carrer if your internet doesnt work).And You HAVE TO always go online!
Since the first Socom game, you were an elite SEAL in command of a team. You were counted on to fight terrorism and other threats to the United States and her allies. Over the course of the series, imrpovments where made with weapons and maps, as well as other things. Socom 3 improves on the the series with over 30 weapons that are customizable for over 950 total weapon combonations. Vechiles can be used for multiplayer and single player and include SEAL-team configured Humvees and the SOC-R Assault Boat. You will also be able to swim underwater for short periods of time. This allows for stealth and surprise attacks. All this and more will be in the Socom 3
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PostSubject: Re: What is Socom??   Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:17 pm

WOW i cant wait for next year realease =]!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What is Socom??
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