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 Read Every one.

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PostSubject: Read Every one.   Read Every one. Icon_minitimeSun Nov 22, 2009 12:06 pm

1)Chat Box
*No Spamming in the chat box with out permission

*No Foul language

*Respect other members in the CB

no posting outside links with out permission!

2) Credit integrity
*No stealing Credit for codes, Programs/Apps.
*No stealing download links to a file and claiming it as your own without permission of original uploader.

*No posting codes on other sites, you must ask code owner's permission first. When asked not to by code owner to be posted anywhere else and your refusal to that can be lead to more severe consequences.

*You may post pictures and things along that sort but just dont go crazy with it, be mindfull of size and amount being posted as always staff has the final say if it's spam or not.

*Be respectful to member's of the forum especially staff while in the shout box staff monitors the shout box constantly.

3) Vip/Staff
*No Vip member is permitted to Leak vip codes/exclusive materials.

*Leaking - Giving Non-Vip members codes, vip exclusive materials, hints of any kind is not allowed.

*No regular member is allowed to ask, trade or pester a vip member over vip exclusive material/codes.

*We reserve the right to revoke vip status for breaking the rules of the forum in this case we will warn you leaking vip codes will result in a ban and vip removal with no warning what so ever.

4) User Accounts
* No account sharing! Make your own account and email. Notify an admin if an account problem arises. (Note: IP address’s are visible to Admins, Jr. Admins and Super Mods)

* Do not create duplicate accounts. One is enough! One account per person only.

* If you have forgotten your password - click the link to reset your password. Be patient with the email, if it doesn’t arrive, email/contact an admin to have it manually reset. Although proof may be required if you have more than one account and require password reset for the other one.

* 1st offence is a warning after that infraction's start.

Getting 3 active infraction points (expired infractions don't count) will get you to become a Restricted User for a few days until an admin changes you back to normal user. This is not by choice, but by the system/infraction rules.

This forum setup are copyrighted use of this forums setup or likeness will result in consequences.

Attempting to hack the server can result in your computer being infected by a protection virus in the ftp and cpanel programs if a ip that is not authorized to access the server is found you will receive this virus and u have no more than 2 minutes to find it and remove it or your computer will be rendered inoperable illusionHacks and the authors of this virus take no liability of any damages caused by this as you shouldn't be hacking the server to begin with!Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Read Every one.   Read Every one. Icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2009 7:40 pm

You Should Close that.
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Read Every one.
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